Triarii Plus hydrated calcium silicate, in a concentrated suspension (Flow), greatly favoring absorption in foliar or root applications. It is specially designed for field application and is recommended for use as protection against sunburn and high temperature stress. As a cell strengthener and protector against pests and diseases. Foliar dose 400-500 cc/hl Root Dose: 5-10 … Read more


Gladium is a concentrated suspension based on elemental sulfur and copper, used as a preventive and curative for the copper and sulfur deficiency in crops lacking these nutrients. In addition, due to its sulfur and copper content, it has a preventive action against the attack of pathogens. Dosage: 200-400 cc/hl


Ligno Cobre is a liquid product in the form of copper lignosulfonate, which has been designed to provide easy copper assimilation in those crops that require it. The novel formulation in the form of an organic complex allows a rapid and effective prevention and correction of deficiency states caused by imbalances and/or deficiencies in the … Read more


Phyton 60 Phyton 60 is a liquid product in the form of copper gluconate, which has been designed to provide easy copper assimilation in the crops that require it, in addition to favoring the synthesis of phytoalexins and lignin synthesis, so it improves the plant’s self-defense system. Foliar dose: 150-300 cc/Hl for all crops in … Read more


Neutral potassium is a fertilizer with a high content of chelated potassium (K2O) with a mixture of carboxylic acids It is also free of chlorides, sulphates, nitrates and phosphates, therefore it prevents precipitation and/or crystallization in the form of salts of these ions with some of the components present in the soil. Its use is … Read more


Savia-Aktiv K36-36, is a potassium solution which is very rich in sulfur. It can be used as a source of potassium, both on foliage, and through fertigation. Recommended, especially when it is necessary to promote the development of the root system, the setting and ripening of the fruit and the exhaustion of their shoots. Foliar … Read more


Savia-Aktiv K is advised for all crops that need potassium as one of their primary nutrients. Its use is indicated when the crop consumes this potassium more quickly and when it is necessary to correct deficient states due to deficiencies or imbalances in the assimilation of potassium. Dosis: 150-300 cc/hl.


It is a fertilizer based on stable iron chelate, totally soluble in water, of an evident speed with a high persistence in the soil recommended in the preventive treatment of ferric chlorosis. The chelating agent EDDHA also gives it extraordinary stability even at a high pH. Dose: according to culture.


Brokden Zn-Mn Flow is a liquid fertilizer in a concentrated suspension that provides zinc and manganese in a high concentration, to be used in high and low volume foliar spraying, through any fertigation system or by injection into soil. Foliar dose 100-150 cc/h. Root dose: 2-3 l/ha


Ligno Ziman contains an optimal mixture of essential trace elements (Iron, Manganese, Boron and Zinc) recommended to prevent and correct nutritional deficiencies, which with periodic applications on all types of crops ensures an excellent balance of micronutrients, achieving better development and therefore higher crop yields. Dosage 200-300 cc/hl