SKYTTER 20 SC is an insecticide belonging to the anthranilic diamide group, with ingestion and contact activity, presented in the form of a concentrated aqueous suspension for application by means of foliar spraying, at the base of the plant or in drip irrigation. Treatments are most effective when programmed to control eggs or larvae. It … Read more


KYPPER 53.4 FS is a systemic and residual insecticide, acting by contact and ingestion in the insect. It is active on insects resistant to carbamates, cyclodiene and pyrethroids. KYPPER 53.4 FS is an insecticide whose ingredients in their combined effect provide a widespread protection against pests since it has systemic action of contact and ingestion.


It is an insecticide and acaricide based on Chlorfenapyr, it is highly effective by contact and ingestion in insects, and has very good translaminar penetration on plants. It is a product of a broad spectrum of action and effective for controlling pests that attack a variety of crops and have developed resistance to other insecticides. … Read more


It is a systemic fungicide that rapidly penetrates the leaves through the cuticle, moving widely within them, tending to accumulate at the apical ends. The sense of translocation is acropetal (towards the tips), taking advantage of the xylematic current. It is also a preventive and curative fungicide that inhibits the development of secondary sterol demethylation … Read more


RADICAL REDUKTOR is an agricultural adjuvant in the form of a soluble powder that conditions application waters by adjusting their pH value and hardness. Designed for very hard water treatments from 500 ppm. By means of its components enable it to lower the pH upon its effect. drastically decreasing the hardness of the water allowing … Read more


HARDNESS REGULATOR It acts as a softener, reducing the hardness of the waters produced by carbonates and bicarbonate of Ca and Mg. Its buffer/regulator effect causes the water to maintain over time the pH and hardness within appropriate ranges, thus achieving chemical conditions in the mixtures of the various pesticides and fertilizers, improving their final … Read more


Insecticide of a great systemic effect and contact. MOVI-GO 15% OD is a derivative of tetronic acid and as such is an inhibitor of lipid synthesis so it has a great effect on the forms that need to synthesize a certain amount of fatty acids such as larva, proto and deutoninfas. In addition, it has … Read more


Super Flosal High is a liquid compound complexed with lignosulfonate, which corrects calcium deficiency. Dosage: Saline/Sodium Soils 50-80 l/ha; Banana and Horticultural Soils 50-70 l/ha; Saline Waters: Their dosage is based on water analysis. For each unit of R.A.S or S.A.R to be reduced, dose from 10 to 12 c.c. SUPER FLOSAL HIGH/m3 of irrigation … Read more


It is a healing paste based on copper metal in the form of copper oxychloride.


It is a liquid formulation of phosphorus salts synergized with surfactants, which acts as a pH regulator, surface tension reducer, moisturizer, antifoaming and anti-fouling, helps to visualize the optimal pH of plant mixtures with the change to yellow when the pH is correct.