The Quimialmel Group

The Quimialmel Group is the outcome of the know-how from a company with over 40 years of experience and both substantial and consolidated presence in national and international markets.

Quimialmel, S.A., parent company of the Quimialmel Group, it was constituted as a limited company in Castellón on 20th of March in 1977. Its founders were Mr. Fernando Quintana Tárrega and Mr. José Almela Segarra, who brought their knowledge and the assets from two small family businesses to the table, selling both agricultural and drugstore products, that had both been running smoothly for years beforehand.

Their capacity and vision made them head for the raw material market within the ceramics sector that began to have a certain salience locally.

Currently, Quimialmel, S.A. supplies chemical products, raw material and minerals to its customers, by means of distribution and handling, feeding the company’s productive processes in different sectors, both nationally and internationally, as well as the company structure aiming to provide an agile, flexible service.

The Quimialmel Group came into being from Quimialmel, S.A., a company corporation geared to a wide range of business sectors, from raw material and chemical product commercialization. storage, handling and shipping, ship stowing and loading, mining, plant protection products, ceramics aimed at architectural and interior design projects, and even, international foodstuff product commercialization for exclusive, characteristic products from our country.