Spachem develops over 15 new products a year, both our own, and large multinational companies, that opt for our own work method and success in the results. This provides us with a broad, worldly research vision.

Our vast experience in the sector, alongside belonging to the Quimialmel group, turns our focus on the research and development of new products one of the key factors within the company strategy. Our bid for modern equipment is a staple move for us on a daily basis, we boast, among others, HPLC, ICP, Master Sizer y GC systems, there for our controlled analytical spectrum is extremely vast. Even so, we also cooperate with certified en ISO 17025 laboratories in order to enhance our analytical output.


Another one of our strong points is our industrialization process, where we escalate our products from the laboratory, going through our pilot plant, which helps us to finetune our new formulations, as well as continuously improving our existing range. Furthermore, it enables us to be flexible and swift when it comes to development, having a high rate of successfully concluded products.

Our technical department team has a great variety of different profiles. from chemical engineers and laboratory technicians, to formula developers, that enable us to have a totally clear product concept during productive processes, thus, our development timing are clearly benefitted.


A fundamental part of our development process is fieldwork and the associated efficiency studies, this being the last step before releasing new products onto the market.

We have an agronomic laboratory within our facilities, where by means of stimulating controlled conditions, we can see the direct effect of our products on crops, being able to compare them with existing products, and improving the needed dosis.

Afterwards, we take our research a step further, as we have ongoing cooperation projects with farmers, both from the Central and South American regions, which enables us to test the efficiency of our products on real crops, enabling us to carry on learning, and therefore, enhancing quality for our customers on a daily basis,

Finally, as for development the bottom line is that we obtain efficiency studies from these trials, which are available on petition from the product section of our website.