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Glifochem is a systemic, post-emergency, glyphosate-based, non-surface and non-selective herbicide. It is authorized for herbicide treatments against weeds (post-emergency) for:

  • Extensive and intensive herbaceous
  • Woody meadows
  • Irrigation canals, roads, borders, ditch margins and crops and meadows: Apply at doses of 5-10% against weeds
  • Firewalls: Against weeds, apply at a rate of 3-10 L/ha.

Dosage: apply by tractor-driven equipment in hydraulic spraying (100-400 L broth/ha), at a maximum dose of 10 L/ha; by rotary disc atomizers (20-30 L broth/ha), at a maximum dose of 6 L/ha or manually with hydraulic spraying (maximum 10 L/ha and a mixture volume greater than 325 L water/ha) or centrifugally sprayed (maximum 3 L/ha and a mixture volume greater than 25 L water/ha), with only one application per campaign.

Due to the risk of phytotoxicity do not wet the green parts of the crops.

In olive oil mills, to facilitate harvesting, a single treatment can be carried out at the ring of the tree at doses of 3 L/ha actually treated and with a safety period of 7 days.

Do not perform treatments with doses greater than 1.8 kg of active substance per hectare (5 L/ha of formulated product) on forest land if there are wild mushrooms in the treated area.

Glyphosate (isopropylamine salt)
36 % w/v
Phytosanitary register

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