Platinum Flow is a concentrated copper suspension for fungicidal and bactericidal action aimed at application on crops and agricultural plantations. Dose: 150 cc/hl.


Ligno Cobre is a liquid product in the form of copper lignosulfonate, which has been designed to provide easy copper assimilation in those crops that require it. The novel formulation in the form of an organic complex allows a rapid and effective prevention and correction of deficiency states caused by imbalances and/or deficiencies in the … Read more


Formulated from natural origin that presents an effective control against species of soft-bodied insects (whitefly, aphids, cochineals, thrips, etc.), In addition, it acts on fungal diseases, such as oidium, mildew and botrytis, by drying the mycelia in fungi and spores. Dosage: 300 cc/hl.


Ligno Ziman contains an optimal mixture of essential trace elements (Iron, Manganese, Boron and Zinc) recommended to prevent and correct nutritional deficiencies, which with periodic applications on all types of crops ensures an excellent balance of micronutrients, achieving better development and therefore higher crop yields. Dosage 200-300 cc/hl


Brokden Ca Flow is a liquid fertilizer in the form of a concentrated suspension that provides calcium, totally free of nitrates, chlorides or sulfates, to be used by spraying it onto foliage or by any root fertigation system or by injection into soil. Foliar dose 100-150 cc/hl. Root dose 4-5 l/ha


Savia-aktiv boron 15 is a liquid boron deficiency corrector that, due to its high content in boron is used in low doses and is taken full advantage of by crops. Dosage: 100-600 cc/hl (depending on deficiency level)


FLOW formulation of humic acids obtained from high quality american leonardite. It contains humic acids, fulvic acids as well as natural nutrients and trace elements derived from leonardite. It has the important characteristic of being a low pH product and being authorized for organic farming. Dose 6-8 l/ha


Algaex is a solid biostimulant from a seaweed extract Ascophyllum nodosum, which applied onto foliage, penetrates the cellular tissues providing all its components. These act on the plant as stimulants and regulators of growth while inducing the formation of essential substances in some physiological plant functions of plants.


Magnus is a mixture of organic products of natural origin, together with fundamental microelements such as zinc, manganese, copper, etc., in the appropriate proportion for nutrition and the biostimulation of basic crop functions. It promotes root growth and vigorous development of buds, induces greater flowering, favors pollination and fruit set, and improves the quantity and … Read more


Dinamiko is a plant growth stimulant and a highly bioactive soil improver, with fast assimilation with the important characteristic of being an acid medium. We recommend its root application, although it can be applied onto foliage until the beginning of flowering. Foliar dose: 100-200 cc/hl. Root dose: 2-4 l/ha