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1 L, 10 L


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1 L, 10 L


Dinamiko is a plant growth stimulant and a highly bioactive soil improver, with fast assimilation with the important characteristic of being an acid medium. We recommend its root application, although it can be applied onto foliage until the beginning of flowering.

Foliar dose: 100-200 cc/hl.

Root dose: 2-4 l/ha

Humic extract
25 % w/w
Humic acids
21 % w/w
Fulvic acids
4 % w/w
Extract of algae (Ascophyllum nodosum)
2 % w/w
Amino acids
3,5 % w/w
Iron chelate (Fe 6% EDDHA)
1,0 % w/w

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