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Nutri-Aktiv Zn-Mn FLOW is a liquid fertilizer in the form of a concentrated suspension that provides zinc and manganese in high concentration, to be used by means of foliar spraying or any fertigation system or injection into soil. It is a product which is completely free of nitrates, chlorides and sulphates, and contains only zinc and manganese and additives to promote penetration into the tissues, increase its rapid assimilation, as well as its persistence against washing by rain. DOSE: Foliar spray: As a general dose we will use 100-150 cc/hl.

Localized irrigation: As a general dose we will use 1-2 liters/ha, carrying out 2 applications on very demanding crops.

Zinc (Zn)
37.4 % w/v
Manganese (Mn)
26.0 % w/v.
Ref. OC098

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